Quality policy and environmental policy

Quality policy and environmental policy

Quality policy and environmental policy


Vajda Papír Kft., being one of the main players in the hygienic tissue paper market, has set two main objectives in recent years: quality and environmental protection. More precisely: the company considers it a priority to meet the expectations of modern society and make products from paper using fibres that come from certified sustainably managed forests. The other main objective of the company is to make the name Vajda Papír Kft. synonymous with stability, expertise, reliability and entrepreneurship.

In the ISO 9001 quality assurance system and ISO 14001/EMAS environmental management system the company puts the main emphasis on continuous development, regularly reviewing the quality and environmental policy, the management system and its activities.

Quality and value

Vajda Papír Kft. considers the continuous creation and fostering of value as well as creating quality one of its most important missions. Although each of these two important elements are very important in itself, they are also interrelated. We consider the expertise of our colleagues, their comprehensive knowledge of their area of specialization, and their ability to keep up with changes to be an important value. We also consider ethical business practices in relation to partners, respect for partner organizations and for the personality of individuals to be a key value.

With regard to quality we believe that – in addition to the individual performance and expertise of the staff – operating the business in a reliable manner, which involves being prompt, flexible, and open to new opportunities and doing all we can to arrive at a consensus, within economic prudence of course, is extremely important.


The Environment

Protecting the environment is one of the main principles of Vajda Papír Kft. Therefore we at the company do the best we can to create a working environment in the most innovative way. In addition, the company follows and abides by the rules and regulations governing its activities, but goes beyond that by performing activities the environmental impact of which meets the strictest standards.

We at Vajda Papír Kft. believe that production should also be environmentally friendly, so we make useful products at a competitive price, in a way that is both economical and have minimal environmental impact, using the latest advances in technology and logistics.